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Er-Ercan International Transportations was founded in 1992, its headquarters being in Istanbul, for the purpose of rendering franchise and customs services for firms engaging in international transportation activities by virtue of our agencies and experienced personnel available at all customs administration offices throughout Turkey.

Furthermore, our firm offers actively domestic transport organization services within the boundaries of Turkey.


It is our vision to gain unconditional customer satisfaction and trust by utilizing TIME, i.e. the most important capital of today’s trade, by means of working in accordance with the goals and expectation of the customers when rendering services as well as by virtue of  a customer oriented boutique service approach.


In being aware that knowledge and time are the most precious materials, providing always complete, correct and in-time knowledge to our customers constitutes one of our basic goals.


Our personnel finalize all customs transactions of our customers and generate rapid solutions for their expectations by virtue of most powerful services, full liability awareness as well as the firm founders’ experience of many years in terms of any customs procedures such as import, export, transit, etc.


By using all opportunities ensured by technology, our personnel follow-up and archive the customs procedures of our customers via electronic media.


Serving as a model for its competitors in the sector by virtue of its knowledge and corporate values, our company aims at a pioneering, reliable, long-term and stable growth in International Franchise and Customs Clearance Services.

Furthermore, it is our mission to monitor closely relevant developments in our sector and to adapt innovations

regarding both technological and service diversity and distinctness for our company.


Our basic principles:

Our basic principles are never abandoning maxims such as team work, honesty, and compliance with the code of conduct and laws.

Furthermore, being sensitive to human and environmental health.

About Us
Our Vision
Our Mission

We would be pleased and elated to render franchise and customs services to your valuable firm.

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